Rhonda Parrish (rhondaparrish) wrote,
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  • Fri, 15:36: RT @morgs216: I turned in my paper to my professor last night and this morning I realized I forgot to change the title...hows your day goin…
  • Fri, 15:54: E is for Evil is coming out in about three weeks. Pre-orders are looking good, and I'd like to do something to cele… https://t.co/6gMNGwGSAZ
  • Fri, 17:07: Sometimes silence is the loudest sound in the multiverse, amirite?
  • Fri, 17:10: RT @LindaRandom: This👇 I once told someone I worked in publishing and they excitedly starting telling me about all the books they’d illegal…
  • Fri, 17:12: Just got hit by a massive wave of the sleepies. Meeting a friend for lunch in 20 and then it's writing time all aft… https://t.co/FhFTMPS5XB
  • Sat, 01:19: I’m a good Canadian so I’ll cheer for the Jets rather than Nashville... but if they end up facing Vegas my Fleury f… https://t.co/VZJ5nhhbZc
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