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Rhonda Parrish

Poise 'n Pen

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So....I'm supposed to tell you about myself, but really, does ANYONE ever know what to put in these bio things? I never do.

I'm very happily married and have one wonderful daughter who just rocks.

I'm very opinionated, rather outspoken and sometimes brutally honest.

I'm also a little bit crazy - but in a mostly harmless sort of way.

I hate drama.

I'm a writer.


I'm also the editor of a kick-ass magazine Niteblade.

Much of this LJ is mirrored from my 'official' writing blog. That is at Rhonda Parrish dot com

So yeah, that certainly won't tell you -all- about me, but it might give you enough of an idea about me to know whether you REALLY want to friend me or not :) If you do friend me please introduce yourself so that I can get to know a little about you too :)